Our Story.

Global Apparel is a driving force in the world of apparel manufacturing, serving as a vital link for businesses across the USA, LATAM, and Europe. With an illustrious history spanning almost four decades, we've honed our expertise to offer customized logistics solutions that perfectly align with your unique operational requirements. Our reach extends beyond our clients to encompass the businesses we collaborate with, showcasing not only our extensive industry knowledge and capabilities but also our unwavering commitment to elevating the fashion landscape.

Our journey began with a vision to revolutionize the apparel manufacturing landscape, and over the years, we've transformed this vision into a reality. Through dedicated service and a deep understanding of our industry, we've forged lasting relationships with partners around the globe. Our operations seamlessly integrate into the global apparel market, illustrating the depth of our commitment to creating value for our fashion-forward allies.

Every day at Global Apparel presents a new opportunity to write the next chapter in our story. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to shape the future of apparel manufacturing, one stitch at a time.

We believe being on time is essential for success in business and life. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and delivering quality work in a timely manner.

Our values and culture

Our Core Values are the foundation of our actions and decisions in every endeavor. They delineate the standards we uphold for ourselves and our peers. By wholeheartedly adopting these values and mindsets, we cultivate an environment of inclusivity and respect, where every individual can flourish.

we guide you foward

We are committed to cultivating a workplace that honors diversity and celebrates the unique authenticity of each individual, regardless of their gender identity, nationality, ethnic origin, faith, perspective, abilities, age, and sexual orientation.

We believe that our strength lies in our diversity because it drives the innovation and creativity that define the Global Apparel brand.


At the heart of Global Apparel's operations is our proud manufacturing base in Colombia. This strategic location offers us a distinct geographical advantage and emphasizes our commitment to the region. Ensuring the well-being of our employees is fundamental to our values. We consistently focus on their health, safety, and overall job satisfaction. Furthermore, as we strive for the highest standards in our production, we are keen on developing an ethical supply chain. This dedication ensures our products meet top quality while upholding principles of fair trade and community betterment. Global Apparel's decision to manufacture in Colombia is more than just a business choice; it’s a reflection of our pledge to foster ethical practices, nurture community bonds, and contribute positively to the apparel manufacturing industry.

strategically located, delivering excellence worldwide

Ethical Manufacturing in Colombia

A healthy company cannot flourish in a troubled social context. Sooner or later, the challenges of society will inevitably impact its performance. It is imperative, then, for the responsible entrepreneur to actively engage in addressing and resolving social issues. This commitment is essential not just for the well-being of the company, but for the betterment of society as a whole.

What inspires us

At Global Apparel, we place people at the center of everything we do because our human talent is the driving force behind us. We generate employment, mainly for single mothers.

People first

Our Partners

Through our strategic partnership with Varanea, we've integrated sustainability into every facet of our supply chain. Their expertise and dedication ensure we operate with the utmost environmental and social responsibility. Together, we're redefining responsible fashion for a more sustainable industry future.


An Integral Partner for a Sustainable Global Apparel Supply Chain.


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